Le prophete mohammad et sa famille vénéréé

Les avantages de la prière sur le Prophète -Bénédictions sur lui et sa Sainte Famille

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I really like the snoced paragraph of Bonald's review for the way it connects different threads of your work together. Even though I've read your blog start to finish and re-read a good portion of it in the book, this excerpt from Bonald helped me see how it coheres:The PC adherent sees the universe and human life as meaningless, and he sees truth as an arbitrary social construct. He regards natural and customary human behavior as irredeemably corrupted with selfishness. He finds moral purity rather in abstract organization, which alone can be truly altruistic because it can be undeniably unnatural and unspontaneous. The specific nature of the alleged moral failings of prior systems are of snocedary importance more a matter of justification than real motivation. How well the PC-managed replacement works is entirely irrelevant, because it is morally superior by definition. The struggle to destroy the old, unjust, reactionary organizations re-fuses the world with pseudo-meaning; PC has a greater need to identify enemies than belief systems that acknowledge an objective ultimate Good.

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